I can’t remember the last time I sent a postcard, or received one. But I do remember the feeling of anticipation as a friend left for a long journey saying “I’ll send you a postcard!”. And then I waited. When, finally, one would drop through the letterbox I would read it excitedly to hear the news.

“I got stung by a wasp…it rained…we saw a cow…we ate chips.”

Well, what do you write on a postcard? 

#PostcardsFromMemory is a project about journeys and memories. We’re inviting you to share a memory of a journey that you have been on. And we’re asking you to cram the whole story onto a postcard: a drawing, a collage, a poem, an embroidery or a few words…it’s up to you.

Some memories can be vivid, but frequently they are fragmented. Sometimes we have just a snippet of a memory. We may have keepsakes that help us to remember where we’ve been, what we did, who we were with; an object, a photograph, a postcard…

What will you share with us about your memory of a journey?


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