Process / Speak to The Sea

As part of Arts by the Sea Festival – September to October 2020

Process is a series of 12 creative workshops leading to a collaborative artwork, and Speak to The Sea – a walk up activity on the beach


Throughout September, artists from CoCreate will be working with 24 members of the local community who have been affected by events related to COVID-19. 

Through a series of creative workshops in writing, theatre and visual art, participants will develop their own artwork to be installed on the beach as part of the festival.

Inspired by the themes of In Memoriam, by Luke Jerram, Process is a chance for local communities and individuals to explore their own feelings and experiences from the last few months, the final community artworks will be made from pillowcases, reflecting the use of bedsheets used by In Memoriam.

Take Part

Who can take part?

If you feel you like taking part in creative activity could benefit you at this time, perhaps as  a way to help make sense of recent events related to the challenges COVID 19, then we would love you to be part of this project.

You must be over 18, and will need to be available in September and committed to take part in up to 12 creative workshops developing a piece for display in the festival – you can choose how many sessions you do, but we expect participants to attend at least 4.

We know that the COVID-19 crisis has affected people in different ways, and we will work with you to tailor sessions to meet your needs. We might run sessions online, in a park, over the phone, through the post – wherever you’re at.

We want to find a way to involve anyone who wants to take part!

Key Dates

DEADLINE EXTENDED – a few places still remain, please apply before 5PM THURSDAY 3rd Sept to take part.

Places are FREE but limited.

  • Essential Introductory session – 2pm on Friday 4th September
  • Creative Workshops will take place during the daytime and evenings between 7th and 18th September
  • Arts by the Sea Installation – join us on Sunday 27th September as your artwork is placed on the beach as part of the installation. 
How to take sign up

You can read more information about the project here.

If you would like to take part, please complete a sign up form listing ‘Process’ as the project you want to take part in. If you would like more information, or prefer to sign up over the phone, please contact us.

Speak to the Sea

Members of the public visiting In Memoriam, and the collaborative artwork Process, will be invited to participate in Speak to the Sea.

The sea is a contemplative place, used by many to meditate on challenges, or hope for new futures. 

Facilitated by artists from CoCreate, and prompted by a series of sign-boards, you will be encouraged  to engage in your own quiet ritual to contemplate your experience personally, and to Speak to the Sea about your feelings at this time. 

Speak to the Sea is a stopping place for reflection, encouraging you to take this moment for yourself.

Dates & Times

Sunday 27th September 12pm – 5pm
Wednesday 30th September 3pm – 6pm
Friday 2nd October 3pm – 6pm

The installation and walk up activity will be on Sandbanks beach see the festival website for further info.